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Exceeding Expectations

Empowering Sustainability: Synergy's Tailored EV Charging Infrastructure Solution

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure has emerged as a vital component of the transportation landscape. This case study highlights how Synergy, a trusted procurement solutions provider, partnered with a forward-thinking organization to address the challenge of establishing EV charging facilities across six sites where no such infrastructure existed.

Client Background

Our client, a progressive organization, recognized the urgency of embracing sustainability and the growing demand for EV charging facilities in the market. However, they faced a significant challenge: how to strategically introduce EV charging infrastructure across their six sites where no such infrastructure existed.

Synergy's Tailored Solution

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Synergy embarked on a comprehensive EV charging development program, beginning with an in-depth analysis of the existing infrastructure, load capacity, and the specific needs of our client's diverse customer base. Understanding the types of vehicles their customers would drive and their preferred charger connections (e.g., CCS, Chademo, or AC) was essential for success.

Future-Proofing Strategies

With a deep understanding of both the client's requirements and the evolving EV market, our goal was to future-proof the infrastructure. This meant ensuring that any investments made not only met current demands but also aligned with anticipated industry advancements.

Market Testing and Supplier Selection

To identify the ideal solution, we launched an extensive market analysis, considering both hardware and software components. We meticulously assessed the compatibility between these elements for seamless integration. Through rigorous testing, we pinpointed the perfect solution to meet our client's needs and the expectations of their customer base.

Implementation by Synergy

Synergy took full responsibility for the implementation phase, ensuring a smooth transition to EV charging infrastructure. This encompassed all logistics, from procurement and installation to minimizing disruption to key operations.

The Outcome

Thanks to our collaborative efforts, our client successfully introduced EV charging infrastructure across all six sites. This strategic move not only met their immediate sustainability goals but also positioned them as pioneers in their industry. With a forward-focused approach, the new infrastructure is prepared to accommodate the evolving demands of the EV market.

Synergy's role in overseeing the entire process, from initial assessment to implementation, showcases our commitment to delivering comprehensive and tailored procurement solutions. We take pride in empowering our clients to embrace sustainability and address the changing landscape of transportation.

If you're seeking to elevate your sustainability efforts and establish EV charging infrastructure seamlessly, contact Synergy today to explore how our tailored solutions can make a difference for your organization.


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