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Exceeding Expectations

We shop for a living, we survey the whole market and we know how to benchmark effectively.

Our Services

A Simple Service – We save you money.

We cut the cost of hundreds of commodities and could fill this page with a long and uninteresting list. That list would soon be out of date because our services grow week on week.

The reality is that each of our clients has their own priorities, problems and pressures so we thought it would be more helpful to give you a broad idea of our services and then put together a bespoke programme tailored to your needs.

That’s a simple process which starts by agreeing with you a number of specified commodities where savings can clearly be achieved. At first, these will probably be ‘non-core’ activities not directly related to the production of your core product or service, but which represent a significant part of your expenses. Typically this will be things like office supplies, supply chain management, utilities or logistics. There will be plenty to go at, we can advise, but the choice will be yours.

Having done that, we get on with saving you money while you concentrate on running your business. We guarantee to save you money or we don’t get paid, so as soon as we have delivered on that promise, you tell us the other areas where you would like to cut costs.

We have extensive experience, expertise and whole of market knowledge across a huge range of commodities. Water to waste, PPE to photography, telephones to travel there’s very little we haven’t seen and saved on before.

For all our clients we save money on multiple commodities and 50 or more is not unusual. The good thing is that the principles of effective procurement apply across the board so we can guarantee to cut costs not quality and deliver better value exactly where you need it.

Our clients are usually surprised by the scope and scale of the services we offer so please do get in touch to let us know what you are looking to save and achieve. We can take it from there and start reducing costs across a wide range of commodities.


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