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Exceeding Expectations

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"Synergy...saved us over £6m and made a massive difference to our organisation."

Case Studies

Client: FAT FACE

Saved after audit:


We have worked with Fat Face for some time and achieved fantastic results, reducing costs and improving the quality of service they receive from suppliers. Synergy have become a fully integrated part of the Fat Face team and in addition to saving substantial sums of money, have genuinely added value in many areas. As often happens we started off by conducting procurement reviews on a limited number of commodities. Having initially demonstrated our competence, cut costs and improved service levels on all fourteen specified commodities, we have now conducted over seventy cost reduction programmes. To date, we have delivered savings in excess of £6.1m.

“We were immediately impressed by Synergy’s knowledge and expertise across all categories of spend. They have saved us over £6m and made a massive difference to our organisation”.

Will Crumbie, Finance Director, FAT FACE


Saved after audit:


In our first twelve months working with Mamas and Papas we saved them £1.2m. The commodities we looked at first were stationery, contract cleaning and couriers. We achieved immediate results delivering savings of £458K whilst enhancing service levels. Following on from those initial three projects we have since completed a further sixty two cost reduction programmes in less than twelve months.

“Synergy have not only saved us a considerable amount of money, they helped us get to the granular detail we would never have got to ourselves. They work alongside our team, very much viewed as ‘one of us’ and come highly recommended”.

Mark Saunders, CEO, Mamas and Papas


Saved after audit:


Smaller than many of the organisations we work with, Diamond Comics are a great client that set us some unusual challenges. They tested us right form the start by asking us to reduce costs on stationery and print. That might sound fairly standard but at the heart of their business is their weekly printed book which means that anything print related was very much deadline driven and not simply a matter of cost. We secured a new print contract for them in 2017 which in their words has run “seamlessly” ever since. It has also delivered significant savings.

We have also carried out several additional projects, good examples being reduction in the costs of merchant acquiring, telecoms and utilities. Total savings are pushing towards £200K which makes an important difference to a business of this size.

“Synergy have been immensely valuable to our business. My only regret is that I didn’t bring them in sooner”.

David Leigh, Diamond Comic Distributors


Saved after audit:


In total we have worked with Turtle Bay on six different projects, starting with Office Products, Print and the supply and laundry of napkins. In all cases the objective was to maximise savings whilst minimising contract length. This was all successfully achieved and our services expanded, so far delivering savings of close to £300K.

What Turtle Bay liked about us was our willingness to take on new challenges in different areas of their business and the enthusiastic and helpful way we approached tasks. They describe us as “great to work with”.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Synergy to businesses that are looking to make cost savings across a wide variety of areas”.

Jon Temple, Chief Operating Officer, Turtle Bay Restaurants


Saved after audit:


When we first started working with Hobbycraft  we had a very specific brief which was to assist in the re-tendering of their Office Products and POS contracts. This was working alongside their inhouse team purchasing team.

Through our extensive supplier network we were able to able to produce a ‘like for like’ saving of £252,862.

We have continued to deliver savings, notably in the areas of Managed print and Energy Brokerage negotiation bringing total savings close to £650K.


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