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Exceeding Expectations

The first thing we do is guarantee to save you money.

How it works

For a start

The first thing we do is guarantee to save you money.

Typically that will be around 25% of current spend and so far we have saved our clients over £70 million.

We start by getting to the real nitty gritty by working our way through the granular detail of your current spending. This will probably begin with defined categories maybe office supplies or utilities, but that’s entirely your choice. There’s a lot of data to go through but leave that to us while you get on with running your business.

But, it’s not all about price. What is a ‘good deal?’

Whatever the commodity, we work with top quality suppliers and we know there’s a great deal more to cutting costs and delivering value than cheaper prices. Behaviour and controls are equally important as is the quality element of the value equation.

So what represents a good deal? Is it a price reduction or a smaller increase or is it making sure you have the best price for the best product?

We shop for a living, we survey the whole market and we know how to benchmark effectively. We know the price of everything and the value too so we share that knowledge with you.

We’ll ask you to take a good look at your purchasing systems and practices and show you how to improve both.

Ask yourself, how many items do you currently buy out of habit or custom? Do you often ‘bulk buy’ prompted by a supplier, only to find that this simply leads to increased waste? Could you consolidate suppliers and reduce risks as well as admin and procurement costs? Could you build better, more collaborative relationships with more responsive suppliers? Are your suppliers truly adding value, perhaps in environmental or social value terms? Do you manage and monitor supplier relationships regularly and effectively? Are transaction costs under control, P.O. systems up to date and efficient? Do controls take account of the fact that more and more people are currently working from home?

It’s a lot to think about, but leave that to us. We’ll do all the heavy lifting and come back to you with solutions. Don’t let it drift, that could cost you a fortune, get in touch with us NOW and start saving significant amounts of money. Like all our other clients.

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