Q: What does it cost to use the service and how much of the savings do we keep?

A: Unlike many other cost reduction companies, Synergy offers complete flexibility to our clients and provide three specific packages;














Q: Do we have to sign a contract and do we have to exclusively use Synergy for all our procurement exercises?

A: The team at Synergy come from a service background and understand the fundamentals of offerings a quality service. We DO NOT tie our clients in to a lengthy contract or exclusivity agreement but work with a letter of engagement policy. We believe if our service offering is of the correct standard then clients will continue to work with us.

Q: How do we know we are getting the right deal for our organisation?

A: Synergy is passionate about getting to know our clients and truly understanding the service requirements along with the culture of the business. This is crucial in finding not only the best price but also the right service partner that can work with the client.

Q: Which suppliers will be involved with in cost review?

A: Synergy would invite your incumbent suppliers to be part of the cost saving exercise. We also include a number of additional suppliers to ensure we obtain a competitive solution. Currently we award around 40% of newly negotiated business to the client's incumbent suppliers. Whilst achieving savings acceptable to the client.

Q: What information do I need to provide and how involved do I need to be in the exercise?

A: Synergy requires 6-12 months of spend data for the commodity being reviewed, along with details of any contractual obligations.

A: Once we understand the service requirements you have as a business, you can be as involved as you wish. After our initial consultation (which lasts around one hour), we will work with your team to obtain the relevant documentation and then conduct a tender process to obtain proposals from all invited suppliers. We will report back with our findings and make the relevant recommendations.

Q: After the initial cost saving exercise how do we ensure that we maintain the savings?

A: Synergy reviews the success of the individual commodities every quarter, in addition to this, we benchmark the pricing and service every 12 months.

Q: Can I talk to a Synergy client to discuss your service offering and results achieved?

A: Synergy will gladly invite you to speak with our clients to discuss their experience. There may be opportunities for reciprocal business between you and our other clients.