Case Studies

Client: Sofaworks

Saved after audit

Sofaworks appointed Synergy in April 2012. During the first year of our engagement, we conducted three procurement reviews namely in Office Supplies, Electricity and Merchant Card Services. The objective of the three reviews was to reduce the total cost of ownership in each area whilst maintaining the service levels.

Synergy successfully saved Sofaworks a substantial sum in each area whilst keeping the Stationery and Merchant Card Services with the incumbent suppliers.

During 2014, Synergy has re-tendered and re-negotiated the Office Supplies and Merchant Card Services, again successfully saving the client a further £84,000.

Client: Hoyer Group

Saved after audit

Hoyer appointed Synergy in July 2012. Initially our role was to assist in the procurement of a new Digital Phone System, which their internal purchasing team had previously conducted a tender exercise for. Through Synergy's extensive supplier network, we managed to produce a substantial 'like for like' saving and the new phone system was ordered and installed.

Over the past two years, Synergy has continued to deliver substantial savings to Hoyer. The projects have included; Managed Print, Fixed Line Telecommunications and Office Stationery.

Client: Booths

Saved after audit

Booths appointed Synergy in September 2013. The client requested that Synergy initially analyse and tender the products and services relating to Office Supplies and Stationery. The Synergy analysts spent time with Booth's internal team ascertaining the current and future requirements along with any strategic objectives that they may have.

Synergy conducted a tender exercise across seven suppliers including the incumbent supplier. Synergy successfully obtained savings of £121,505 with an alternative supplier along with enhanced service levels.